Mix and Match Magic!

We all live for the weekend, and Friday! One of the many perks of the weekend is the opportunity to express your casual flair! I never shy away from taking advantage of the endless mix and match pieces in my closet, like this flannel dress. I’ve worn this as a dress with tights and fringe, and now it takes on a whole new look paired with jeans.

What are some of your favorite Mix and Match pieces?

I share a few tips on the 1st episode of Fashionably Mimi

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Denim and Leather, FASHION REBEL

I’ve never been one to play it safe when it comes to fashion! I think the clothes you wear should be just as fun and funky as your personality! That’s why I paired this fun leather skirt (that I picked up from Macy’s) with this funky dirty denim jacket (Sears). Statement Made, #FashionablyMimi style! 

When you wake up and go to your closet in the morning – don’t think traditional, play with your clothes and make something magical happen! I promise you’ll smile all day! 

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If you watched the New Years Eve Premiere of Fashionably Mimi on Vaughn Media TV, you already know that BIG SUNGLASSES and CAPES were a fashion trend of 2015 that we are carrying with us into the New Year.

The weather in Texas is so up and down! In the morning you are freezing your toes off, and the afternoon you could almost wear a bikini! (NO LIE!)  No worries! I have found the perfect solution to keep warm without overheating! CAPES to the RESCUE!

The jazzy Leopard print cape, (you see me wearing in the photo) I picked up from Macy’s for a great price! the cape is a very functional and trendy piece to add to your wardrobe. If you wear it with all black (you can throw it on top of anything), it gives your look a subtle pop of class and sophistication.

OH! HOW CAN I FORGET! BIG SUNGLASSES! The shade is real, with these swanky sunglasses. They are #FashionablyMimi approved and won’t hurt your pocketbook.

Do you like to wear capes and big sunglasses? What’s your favorite cold/hot weather trend?

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Making Casual Friday, Fun and Funky!

Who doesn’t love Fridays? It kicks off your weekend, and of course you get to wear your casual clothes to work! Being casual (on Friday) doesn’t mean you can’t add some fun and funk to your wardrobe.

To spice up my casual Friday jeans, I put on some Snakeskin Pumps (Report Tashi Natural Snakeskin Platform Pumps) that I picked up from Shoe Department for $19.99; and my Spacegirlz Long Vest (a ROSS find). If you are looking for a Fun and Funky way to spice up casual Friday, (that will take you from the office to cocktails) this is a great outfit to try!


How do you make your “Casual Friday” attire Fun and Funky?

I would like to see or hear about it!

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The sweet smell of SAVINGS!

While out looking for perfume, I spotted a new fragrance from Rihanna, called Rihanna Rogue. I figured I couldn’t go wrong, because it was a whole gift set for only $39.99 (Burlington). Let me tell you, it was one of the absolute BEST fragrance purchases I have made in a long time. Needless to say, I haven’t been able to find that gift set again for that price (insert sad face).

GUESS WHAT?… WHO NEEDS a whole gift set when you can get the body mist for only $7.99! YES! I found the body mist for under $10 in Stein Mart . It gives you the same coverage as that $69 bottle at Macy’s! Now that my friends, is what I like to call the sweet smell of savings!

Have you found a SWEET deal you want to share?

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Do it with your BOOTS and PEARLS ON!

It isn’t hard to catch the eye of the fashion forward with a nice sweater dress, but pair it with Pearls and Boots, and you can make a statement! It’s rare that I get to pair the two, but today was one of those days I got to “Do it with my BOOTS and PEARLS on!”

I have always been a boot girl (because I grew up on a farm), but my love for pearls began when I entered the workforce (over ….. years ago).


THE BOOTS -I roped a good deal on my Cowboy boots a year ago ($50) and they have become even more affordable! Check them out here.

THE PEARLS – The great thing about wearing pearls, is they don’t have to be REAL! (TEE..HEE..HEE) they just have to be fashionable! AM I RIGHT? I can’t remember where my Pearl Link necklace came from, but I assure you I didn’t pay over $20 for it. A few great place to look for trendy #FashionablyMimi approved pearls are Charming Charlie , Forever 21 , and LuLu’s .

How do you wear your Boots and Pearls?

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It’s ALL in the BAG!

I am always looking for the next fashionable “IT” bag to add to my collection. I mean, I LOVE PURSES; but what lady doesn’t? When you have the right bag, it makes your outfit pop!

In the world of handbags, I don’t prefer one brand over the other; I just like functionality and longevity. My bag of choice (today) is the Pulicati Epi Leather Large Satchel. I found this fun bag in Marshalls for the low price of $160. This was a great find for me and hopefully you will find the perfect bag for you!

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