Being Heart Forward

I couldn’t be more proud of my sister and all of her accomplishments; and now she’s added published author to her arsenal. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up her new book, Being Heart Forward please make sure to check it out!

Being Heart Forward teaches a more selfless and transparent way of being a leader. This is a great read for leaders and people who are looking to advance in their careers. What I like most, is you are actively learning while reading (because it is a workbook). My favorite quote from Chaun is, “The more you help others succeed, the more you will be positioned as a leader others want to follow.” I love it, and you will too!

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Let your dress reflect the Highs and Lows of it all! 

November 18th I celebrated my 10 Year Wedding Anniversary with a Vow Renewal and small Celebration with family and friends. 

I searched for the right look (for me) for weeks, AND finally…Viola! I found this super cute, chic and classy high/low dress at Love Culture. The pattern and detail in this dress gave it a Vintage/Pinup feel. Paired with Nude strappy shoes (A’gaci), pearl earrings and a lace bow (Jo-Ann Fabrics) I was ready to renew my vows to my friend. 

I knew I wanted an updo, but wanted something unique. Ashley, of #XTINARENABEAUTY hooked me up with a #RETRO style, that was as unique as our love. 

We toasted to 10 years of marital bliss, and pray for many more. 

A Place Called Hope

Americans are a hopeful nation. Bill Clinton tapped into a hopeful America with his now famous line, “I still believe in a place called Hope”, referring to his hometown in Arkansas. He created a brand around this small town, a place that he used as an analogy to describe all of America. It worked and it won him the presidential election at a time when Americans were feeling less than hopeful.

Americans want to have hope. As 2017 kicks off every news channel and talk show is talking about new resolutions. A new year, they tell us, means an opportunity to start fresh, an opportunity to create a new you, a new life. Of course, studies show that most of those resolutions fall by the wayside before the month of January ends. I, too, have fallen into this trap in the past. I can’t tell you how many times I…

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VCS Architects Host Annual Toy Drive

Thursday, December 8 – VCS Architects hosted their Annual Christmas Party & Toy Drive;  at the intimate and cozy J. Blacks Lounge. Party guests were asked to come out and party with a purpose and bring an  unwrapped toy for a boy or a girl. All toys will be donated to the children at the Star of Hope.

VCS Architects, LLC, an architectural design firm was founded in December of 2012. Derrick Vaughn and Michael Cortner have successfully completed projects in several greater Houston area school districts. Three out of the four school districts have asked VCS Architects to do repeat business as well as most of their commercial clients.

The intimate affair was attended by clients, consultants, and Houston’s elite. The firm is committed to giving back, and plans to make this event bigger each year.


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Transforming Lives, One Closet at a Time – April Ann Styles 

Grace, Style and Beauty are all words that come to mind when you see April Ann “Styles”. Her mesmerizing looks and beautiful soul align with her work ethic, because this hottie is a BOSS!

From the time she was born, fashion was ingrained into the fabric of who April is. So, it’s no surprise that she started a clothing line at the young age of 19. Her first business, April Ann Designs, has evolved into styling over the last 3 years.

FM- April, thanks (so much) for taking time to talk with me. You’re such a beauty! 

AAS- Thank you. It’s such an honor. 

FM- I first saw you at the 40/40 Slay Awards, and honey let me tell you, you looked gorgeous. I knew then that, I wanted to learn more about your fashion and styling firm. What inspired you to start your business? 

AAS – I was raised under a sewing table, of an extremely talented seamstress whom I am privileged to call my mother…I was surrounded by all things in a “Seamstress World”. My mothers work ethic and vision inspired me to start my first business. 

April, wearing Houston Designer Jessica Lombana “Vixen” Dress 

FM – Needless to say, fashion runs through your veins. What exactly would you say, inspires your fashion? 

AAS – My “passion for fashion” (ugh, I loathe that cliche’ rhyme, hehe) constantly changes direction in fashion. I have recently changed directions, changing my focus towards a new business. Joining forces with a childhood friend, we have launched a Camo line named Mad Harp Camo Inc which is inspired by bringing awareness towards Veterans who suffer from PTSD. 

My inspiration for my personal style/fashion, as of right now, is in transition. I’m a new mother of the coolest 7yr old little girl which my husband and I adopted this past April. I’m once again starting over in my wardrobe. She’s reprimanded my style saying “Mommy, is that appropriate to wear?” Oh boy. Yep, so now I’m on a mission to find my way through this new Mommyhood. For this fall, I’ll be living in (over the knee) boots, oversized tops with shorts. I love feeling sexy and comfortable but want to always “Keep it classy AND fun”.

FM – Kudos to you on your new addition to the family. 7 year olds are fun, and boy do they keep you on your toes! Thanks for that Fall fashion tip! I’m taking notes! So, outside of the (over the knee) boots and oversized tops with shorts, what other Fall Trends do you anticipate going big?

AAS – Crushed velvet materials….I just bought the cutest crushed velvet romper from Urban Outfitters, I’m obsessed with it. So don’t be surprised if you see me wearing it multiple times. Haha! I want to live in it.

FM – You are a trendsetter. How would someone get in touch with you to have you come in and style them? 

AAS – Due to multiple businesses as of right now, people can contact me through 2 emails. and soon another email for Mad Harp Camo Inc.

FM – What would you say, sets you apart from other stylists?

AAS – I grew up knowing you’ve got to work, nothing is handed to you. I wasn’t raised with a “silver spoon” … But I grew up Rich with Love. I follow that “Rich with Love” feeling in anything I do with my work. If I feel a moment of “this work feels morally bankrupt”, I don’t want anything to do with it. Im not here to be famous and impress people. I’m here to give back to art, give to my family and show my daughter how to be a boss but one with a giving heart. There’s a misconception sometimes that if you’re in the fashion industry, you’re superficial and materialistic. But for me, it’s all about the Art, Soul and Heart.

FM – Wow! I absolutely LOVE that! Your husband and daughter are both very blessed to have you. It was truly a pleasure to learn more about April Ann “Styles”. Thank you for sharing your time and fashion expertise with me.

Fun Facts About April

  • My first ever design/sew project was when I was about 7 yrs old. I made a vest for a lizard I caught outside(using left over scraps of material in my mothers sewing room)
  • I love any and all purse designs by Fendi. It’s the one item I’ll splurge on.I feel like they set the tone for what other purse designers will create.

Aprils Motto – “Be yourself and you will always be in fashion” Guess where I received that bit of wisdom…years ago from a fortune cookie through Chinese takeout. It was true back then and continues to be true…I’m living it.

April Ann Styles

Model: Kassidy

Photographer: Tony Aria

Leather Clutch by Houston Handbag Designer: JulieBeth Handbags

The Fashion Forward came to SLAY at the 40/40 Awards

Last night, Houston’s trendsetters in fashion gathered to celebrate, toast, and NETWORK! Reg Rhodes, of i10Media hosted another of his 40 Under 40 Awards, and let’s just say, these people came to SLAY! 

The Awards celebration was held at Up & Down on Washington Avenue , (what a cute venue) and from the moment you stepped in the door, it was an upscale experience. There were plenty of flashing lights, bottles popping, laughter and dancing. The DJ and Emcee set the tone for the evening and what a great collaboration it was! 

I was honored to be included amongst 30 of Houston’s Best Dressed and Most Fashionable, and can’t wait to support the next i10Media production. Follow Reg Rhodes to check out the pictures and highlights from the evening. 

More than Fashion! “From the Eyes of a Fifteen Year Old”


When you think of teenagers, especially teenage girls, you would think that they are focused on hair, nails and of course fashion! Well, I was introduced to Ms. Allisen Carter, an 18 year old young lady who is into “More Than Fashion”, she is a published author! She began writing about her experiences as soon as she started High School, and she’s written a self-help book for other teenage girls. I was so impressed with her, that I wanted to chat and share her story with you guys. I know it isn’t about fashion, but I am very impressed with her, and know you will be too.

MM: Allisen, you are 18, and already a published author! WOW! I am impressed! What made you decide to write a book?

AC: Well, when I wrote my book, “Through the Eyes of a Fifteen Year Old” I was just beginning high school. I started interacting with males more, so I eventually wanted to start dating.  My step dad would warn my sisters and I about how crazy and difficult things can get when dating someone; and as a teenager I didn’t listen to him. I still dated and got my heart broken. So, he (my step dad) came up with the idea to document my experience of getting my broken heart. I wrote about how different guys played games, and I also documented other family member’s personal experiences with dating. I felt like it was a good idea, because my book is a resource that girls can use to be aware of what comes with growing up and trying to find love.

MM: That is awesome! I wish I would have had this book when I was in High School! What do you think young girls will learn, or what would you like them to learn from your book?

AC:  I look at my book as a guide for females, as a whole, to know what they may be facing or what to expect when dealing with the opposite sex. I’m trying to help teenage girls through the growth process. I’m the oldest of four girls, and I’m one of the many people my sisters look up to. I hope that people who read my book will consider it to be a warning to be cautious when dating.

MM: You are already a published author, what are you looking forward to accomplishing from here?

AC: I graduated Salutatorian of my high school, and I am currently in college pursuing a degree as a Registered Nurse. I am working on another book about dating, and I am collecting stories. The sky is the limit for me!

It was very informative talking with Allisen, and I can’t wait for each of you to read her book. “From The Eyes of a Fifteen Year Old” can be purchased on Amazon. Make sure you support Allisen, and tell her Fashionably Mimi told you all about her!

Fun Facts About Allisen

I have braces. I love elephants. My favorite food is chicken and hot sauce.

I am self-driven and motivated.

Favorite Song:   “See Me” by Party Next Door and Drake

Allisen’s Motto: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Favorite Fashion Items: Tribal print pants!