Mimi’s Journey to 40!

JOY – A state of happiness or bliss.

As I countdown the months, days, hours, minutes to the GRAND 40! I realized I have been so busy “living” that I haven’t really taken time to experience JOY; TRUE JOY! So, going forward I’ve decided to not just go through the motions, but actually take time to enjoy life fully and allow myself to live a LIFE OF JOY!

I can’t think of a better way to do that, than spend more time with people I love; and do more of the things that bring me joy.

Have you made time for the people you love, and things that make you happy?

I am open to hearing your “JOY” ideas! Drop them in the comments below.

Gettin’ Tipsy with Tara’s Fashion Obsession

You may recognize this beautiful Texas DIVA from the reality web-series Real Working Women of Houston; but what you might not know, she’s about to be a breakout star in her own talk show, Gettin’ Tipsy with Tara.  I had the opportunity to catch up with Tara this week to find out more about her new gig with Vaughn Media TV; and of course I had to ask her about her fashion obsession, SHOES!

FM: So, Tara… I hear you are about to be the next Oprah. Can you tell me more about Gettin’ Tipsy with Tara?

TT: My good friend Chaun Vaughn, of Vaughn Media TV called to chat one day; we got on the subject of my social media presence and how my various posts attract likes and comments. She asked if I were interested in creating a show based on my ideas and that is how “Gettin’ Tipsy With Tara” came about.

FM: What can we expect?

TT: Conversational shows about any subject especially those subjects that people shy away from with a cocktail or two.  I will say what some folks are scared to say. I’ll have guests, like myself who don’t mind being honest, real and most of all transparent to get their take on certain topics; Good, bad or indifferent.

FM: Sounds good! I can’t wait to watch! Now, let’s get to this overflow of shoes you have! Girl….When did you become a shoe fanatic?

TT: When I was about 6 or 7, I started sneaking in my mother’s shoe closet and walking in her high heels. I loved how her feet looked when she wore those shoes so every chance I got, I would walk around the house in them. I did this so much that I broke a few pair and got into the worst trouble. I didn’t understand what the big deal was but as a grown woman I understand that breaking or scuffing my shoes will get a person hurt real BAD…LOL!

FM: What’s your favorite brand?

TT: There are a few brands that I just love; Vince Camuto, Steve Madden, ISOLA, Coach and the list goes on…The premier brand for these BIG legs of mine, is Jessica Simpson. I am a sucker for a “NASTY” 5-6 inch heel and Jessica Simpson has some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

Although I can rock a heel like no other, I love a good tennis shoe, like Nike Air Max. I have sneakers in my closet that I have probably worn once in 3 years (just for a particular outfit). If I could, I would wear tennis shoes and jeans every day.


(Photo of Tara walking across the stage receiving her BSHA – check out those shoes!)

It was a pleasure speaking with Ms. “Gettin’ Tipsy with Tara” herself. She has a bright future ahead of her and I can’t wait to watch her new show. I can tell you this, she has more shoes than the LAW allows and they are all FIERCE! She also had this to say ” I stand 5’1″, so when I put on a pair of new shoes that are high, elongate my body and with these thick thighs….OMG!!!!!! There is nothing sexier than a woman in a “bad ass” pair of shoes that walks in and commands an entire room with confidence…..”She is Me”


Fun Facts

Tara’s Closet: According to her son, she has 100 plus shoes, but she has actually lost count

Tara’s Motto:  Command your day….and look good while doing it! The Lord will always order your steps, but you must have the right shoes on.


Education and Fashion Go Hand in Hand

I have attended a few fashion shows in my day, and they have all given me great ideas on what’s hot and what’s not. Today, I had the pleasure of attending the Ivy Educational & Charitable Foundation of Houston 35th Annual Scholarship Luncheon and Fashion Show. It was very inspiring. Not just because of the killer fashion (which we will talk about later) but because of the commitment that this organization has for the betterment of youth and education. 

The luncheon kicked off with words of motivation. Afterwards, they recognized 19 Scholarship recipients who were gifted with a scholarship between $1500-$2000. Not only did they recognize students who were excelling, they also recognized individuals who are doing great things in the community (as it pertains to education and giving back). 

The models were garbed in Dillard’s (First Colony Mall) apparel from head to toe (frankly, I thought I would be unimpressed). However, they rocked the runway!  There were 4 scenes: Casual, Business, Cocktail, and Formal. From scene 1 until the last model exited the stage, I smiled with pride because these were your everyday, ordinary people modeling these trends. I loved it! This made the fashion show much more enjoyable, because the ladies and gents who walked the runway exuded confidence, enthusiasm and sass! Kudos!

Fashion and Education go hand in hand when it comes to the Ivy Educational Foundation. These ladies aren’t just talking about it, they are actually EMPOWERING, ENCOURAGING, and EDUCATING the youth! 

Check out some of the highlighted fashion below. 

To find out more about The Ivy Educational Foundation of Houston, Incorporated click here 

A Mobile Boutique!

Who doesn’t love jewelry and a good party?

What would you say…if I told you….I know a mobile boutique that takes care of all your accessory and style needs? No, you didn’t read that wrong! I really do know a fashionista who brings all the glitz and glam right to your front-door.

All Thingz Pretty Mobile Boutique will host a jewelry party or get you ready for a party, all in the comfort of your home. Boutique Owner, Kedra Isadore enjoys to pamper and style ladies and make them feel, well.. Pretty. Her pieces are #FashionablyMimi approved and you will especially like the scarves! Check out a few below and follow her on Facebook to schedule your party!

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