Making Magic from your Closet

I love to shop and find new outfits, but yesterday I decided to shop in my closet! Yes, my own closet! I must say,  I was able to create NEW OUTFIT MAGIC! …….Let me explain. 

I took some of my denim jeans (that have been hanging in the closet untouched for a while) and with the snip of the scissors turned them into denim shorts. My long kimono, is actually a maxi dress that has been cut down the middle. Paired these items with a brown belt and off the shoulder bodysuit, and can you say…NEW OUTFIT ALERT!

You don’t always have to go to the store to get something new, check out what’s hanging in your closet (that you probably haven’t worn in a while) and make some NEW OUTFIT MAGIC! 


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Fashion on the Go

Packing for travel can sometimes cause a bit of anxiety; especially when you’ve got a variety of activities to do, and places to go. I’ve compiled a list of “Packing Do’s” to help with your Fashion on the Go!

Fashionably Mimi Packing Tips

Tip 1– Lay out your choice of clothing and shoes, this makes that dreaded suitcase task a lot easier. 

Tip 2– Pack shoes that will match multiple outfits

Tip 3– Pack clothes that can be rolled up and doesn’t wrinkle easily

Tip 4– Map out your entire stay, and pack pieces that you can mix and match

These tips were extremely helpful for me this past weekend; because I traveled to Wine Country (Napa Valley) to celebrate my 38th birthday. I was able to create new looks, and still have room in my suitcase to bring back souvenirs.

Check out a few of my favorite “Fashion On The Go” looks below.

Flaunting, Fierce, Fashion!

Shout out to all the Pisces! It’s our time to shine, and by shine I mean SERVE FIERCE FASHION! Being a Pisces is all about DRAMATIC, EXAGGERATED, PASSION; and I am counting the days to March 16th! Why, you ask? Well, this year I’ll be 38, and I am living my life like it’s a “ONE TIME OFFER” (because it is).

This weekend I scheduled a photo session with Tawana Cox of ETC Studios to kick off the month of March and celebrate… ME! The theme of the shoot, was Bold and Beautiful and I DID NOT come to play! I wanted something that was eye-catching and Fashionably Fierce.

The Harrisburg Art Museum (HAM) was the perfect backdrop, and I couldn’t be more happy to share a few of the pics from my shoot. Let me know what you think.


Being Heart Forward Wine Social

This February, Chaun Vaughn’s brainchild was birthed into 13 days of celebrating #HeartForward Leaders. Seven forward-thinking ladies and gentlemen were featured for their #HeartForward efforts; beginning February 1st.

The honorees were celebrated for the difference they are making in the world and lives of others. The 13th day culminated with a proclamation from U.S. Representative, Sheila Jackson Lee proclaiming February 13th “Heart Forward Day”; as well as an intimate Wine Social to celebrate the honorees.

#HeartForward Honorees

Kenneth Robinson, President, 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston

Chrystal Rivers, Communications Manager, Star of Hope

Vanessa Reed, Regional VP of Community Reinvestment, Comerica Bank

Jeff Syptak, Administrative Assistant, Mayor’s Office at City of Houston

Kimberly Robinson, Founder, Giggles & Girls

Ebone Stowers, Co-Founder & Director of Youth Development, TWEF

Chonya Johnson, Founder & Government Affairs Advocate, 5 Minute Advocate

In attendance for the Wine Social were several of the honorees, as well as some of Houston’s movers and shakers. The Wine Social was held at Buy The Glass Wine Bar and Lounge in Spring, Texas.

Being Heart Forward

I couldn’t be more proud of my sister and all of her accomplishments; and now she’s added published author to her arsenal. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up her new book, Being Heart Forward please make sure to check it out!

Being Heart Forward teaches a more selfless and transparent way of being a leader. This is a great read for leaders and people who are looking to advance in their careers. What I like most, is you are actively learning while reading (because it is a workbook). My favorite quote from Chaun is, “The more you help others succeed, the more you will be positioned as a leader others want to follow.” I love it, and you will too!

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Have you purchased “Being Heart Forward”?

If so, what was your favorite part?

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Let your dress reflect the Highs and Lows of it all! 

November 18th I celebrated my 10 Year Wedding Anniversary with a Vow Renewal and small Celebration with family and friends. 

I searched for the right look (for me) for weeks, AND finally…Viola! I found this super cute, chic and classy high/low dress at Love Culture. The pattern and detail in this dress gave it a Vintage/Pinup feel. Paired with Nude strappy shoes (A’gaci), pearl earrings and a lace bow (Jo-Ann Fabrics) I was ready to renew my vows to my friend. 

I knew I wanted an updo, but wanted something unique. Ashley, of #XTINARENABEAUTY hooked me up with a #RETRO style, that was as unique as our love. 

We toasted to 10 years of marital bliss, and pray for many more.