10 STORIES – The Truth Behind Being A #RWWH

Several years ago, 2014 to be exact, I started a movement to spotlight women in a positive light. With all the easily accessible and highly visible reality shows that showed the typical “women behaving badly” behavior; I set out on a journey to change the narrative, which is when the reality web-series Real Working Women of Houston was birthed.

The mission of the reality web-series was to showcase the lives of hard working women living in and around the Houston area – who were professionals, enjoyed giving back, and of course was no stranger to having a good time! These ladies were….. Larger-Than-Life, BADASS, and all around exceptional women.

Each lady brought something different to the show, but they all believed in empowering women. (Find out more about the ladies)

Fast forward to today, and I am still looking for ways to build on the #RWWH platform, and start a network of Real Working Women of Houston!

This is where the new journey begins – I am launching my campaign, “10 STORIES – The Truth Behind Being a Real Working Woman of Houston.” I am looking to feature women who are doing amazing things, and truly exemplify what it means to be a #RWWH.

Here’s where I need your help! – Nominate a woman in your network who you’d like to see featured.

What makes a #RWWH? – Involvement  in the community, Volunteerism, Empowering  the next generation of leaders, Mom, CEO, … and her list goes on. I am looking for a diverse network of women. 

– Email a bio and photo of the woman who should be featured.

– 10 ladies will be selected, and featured on FashionablyMimi.com

– Each lady will have the opportunity to participate in a PSA, which will be featured on my blog.

– The selected ladies will take a group picture for use on social media, blog and other purposes. 

Questions or to Nominate – Please email fashionablymimi@gmail.com

No Fear in #2019, it’s time for us to change lives! Are you a Real Working Woman of Houston?