Fashionably Mimi Turns 39!

Thursday, March 15th kicked off the beginning of my BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS (my actual birthday is March 16th). I had a GRAND few days of spending time with family and friends; and have the pictures to prove it!

Celebration Day 1 – Drive Thru Safari

My sister (Chaun Vaughn Speaks), our boys and I traveled 2 hours to Franklin,Texas to interact with exotic animals from around the globe at The Franklin Drive Thru Safari. This was an experience unlike any other. We arrived, purchased feed and rolled the windows down so we could roll through the safari and feed some animals!

You’d never believe all of the animals that this place has adopted. What a great way to kick off my birthday.

Celebration Day 2 – Skate Party

Friday, March 16th (MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY) I had a Wiz themed “Feeling Fine at 39” Roller Skating Party. Houston Just Rolling Skating Rink , located off Sam Houston Parkway is where the magic happened! Friends and family came dressed in their GOLD, RED, and GREEN attire (like the Emerald City on The Wiz) as we took to the floor to skate like we were in our teens.


Keopix, the nation’s leading modernized photo booth company was there to help create a unique experience for my guests. I would say, the highlight of the evening was when DJ Cole played a clip from The Wiz, so we could EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD (the roller rink floor) and we started a train. I was the conductor of a full blown train-wreck, LOL! We made 1 lap, 2…. almost 2 laps and then… DOWN GOES FRASIER! Ha, ha. What a good time!

Check out some of the pics from the evening, and make sure you check out Houston Just Rolling Skating Rink and Keopix for your next party.

Celebration Day 3 – Mimi’s Derby Hat, Jeans & Tea Party

Friends, Laughs, and Tea…… which ended in a crawfish run. Check out the pics, no words can describe the great conversation that was had.

Crawfish Time

Celebration Day 4 – Brunch at Olivette

This was the best Birthday yet; and I am happy for NEW BEGINNINGS as I start 39th YEAR OF LIFE.

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