Fashion on the Go

Packing for travel can sometimes cause a bit of anxiety; especially when you’ve got a variety of activities to do, and places to go. I’ve compiled a list of “Packing Do’s” to help with your Fashion on the Go!

Fashionably Mimi Packing Tips

Tip 1– Lay out your choice of clothing and shoes, this makes that dreaded suitcase task a lot easier. 

Tip 2– Pack shoes that will match multiple outfits

Tip 3– Pack clothes that can be rolled up and doesn’t wrinkle easily

Tip 4– Map out your entire stay, and pack pieces that you can mix and match

These tips were extremely helpful for me this past weekend; because I traveled to Wine Country (Napa Valley) to celebrate my 38th birthday. I was able to create new looks, and still have room in my suitcase to bring back souvenirs.

Check out a few of my favorite “Fashion On The Go” looks below.

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