Swimsuits on the Cheap! BEACH…READY!

What’s that new hashtag, #Summer16? That means you are ready for the summer, and all that comes along with it.. which would include your swim fashion. It doesn’t matter if you are laying by the pool or walking on the beach, EVERYONE wants to look good in their swimwear!  

Recently, my family and I were getting ready to go on vacation, and I was looking to update my “swim-fashion”. I haven’t looked for swimsuits in a while, so I was long overdue for some new beachwear. 

I started casually checking out swimwear online (all too expensive), but just couldn’t bring myself to hit that checkout button in the cart (who can relate?). I decided to ditch my virtual search and move to an actual store front. I ended up in Sears and BOY am I glad I did! You know me, I LOVE A GOOD DEAL!  I was uber excited to find not 1, BUT 2 swimsuits for the price of less than 1 swimsuit! 

 I walked out the store with 2 swimsuits and 2 pair of sandals for $11.75. 50% off, and surprise shop your way points! Thank you Sears! 

Details on swimwear:

Bongo skirted swimsuit – $14.00

Bongo Top and high-waisted bikini bottom $9.80/each piece 

Have you found similar #GreatFinds? I’d love to hear about it! 

Email me fashionablymimi@gmail.com 

Follow me on IG @fashionablymimi

Twitter @mimileontyne

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