Fashionably Billy – HIS OWN STYLE

Two things come to mind when you hear the name Billy Broadway, RAP and STYLE. Billy Broadway straight out of Shreveport, Louisiana will have your head bobbing to one of his latest freestyles or studio jams, but YOU BETTER BELIEVE his style is on point! Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Billy on the phone, check out what the up and coming rapper had to share about his style inspiration.

FM: What is your favorite fashion trend for men?

BB: I don’t have a Trend, because I never want to look like somebody else.

FM: Where does your style creativity come from, what inspires your clothing?

BB: I just see different things, and try to figure out does it fit me. I like to stand out.

FM: What’s your fashion pet peeve?

BB: I hate to see Athletic Wear with the Wrong Shoes. Example: Adidas Jumpsuit with Nike Shoes

FM: Is there a fashion trend you wish would go away?


FM: Do you have a favorite place to shop and designer?

BB: No Favorite Place at all. If it’s in Goodwill and it’s Fiya. I’m on it.

It was a pleasure briefly speaking to Billy about his trend-setting style. He wanted to make it known that he is an Adidas Freak (Adidas – you may have a new promotional artist), and loves to shop anywhere. He could actually be a style consultant for some of the other rappers out there! I’ll close with how he said he lives his life “Put God 1st, and Everything Else Will Fall Into Place.”


NAME: Billy Broadway

OCCUPATION: Artist With Red Dolla Gang Music Group

FAVORITE QUOTE: Put God 1st, and Everything Else Will Fall Into Place

What do you think about Billy’s trendy style? Do you know of a style-icon who would like to share their fashion tips? Let me know, email – or IG: @fashionablymimi

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