If you watched the New Years Eve Premiere of Fashionably Mimi on Vaughn Media TV, you already know that BIG SUNGLASSES and CAPES were a fashion trend of 2015 that we are carrying with us into the New Year.

The weather in Texas is so up and down! In the morning you are freezing your toes off, and the afternoon you could almost wear a bikini! (NO LIE!)  No worries! I have found the perfect solution to keep warm without overheating! CAPES to the RESCUE!

The jazzy Leopard print cape, (you see me wearing in the photo) I picked up from Macy’s for a great price! the cape is a very functional and trendy piece to add to your wardrobe. If you wear it with all black (you can throw it on top of anything), it gives your look a subtle pop of class and sophistication.

OH! HOW CAN I FORGET! BIG SUNGLASSES! The shade is real, with these swanky sunglasses. They are #FashionablyMimi approved and won’t hurt your pocketbook.

Do you like to wear capes and big sunglasses? What’s your favorite cold/hot weather trend?

I’d like to know, share them with me –

IG @fashionablymimi or Email:



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