Do it with your BOOTS and PEARLS ON!

It isn’t hard to catch the eye of the fashion forward with a nice sweater dress, but pair it with Pearls and Boots, and you can make a statement! It’s rare that I get to pair the two, but today was one of those days I got to “Do it with my BOOTS and PEARLS on!”

I have always been a boot girl (because I grew up on a farm), but my love for pearls began when I entered the workforce (over ….. years ago).


THE BOOTS -I roped a good deal on my Cowboy boots a year ago ($50) and they have become even more affordable! Check them out here.

THE PEARLS – The great thing about wearing pearls, is they don’t have to be REAL! (TEE..HEE..HEE) they just have to be fashionable! AM I RIGHT? I can’t remember where my Pearl Link necklace came from, but I assure you I didn’t pay over $20 for it. A few great place to look for trendy #FashionablyMimi approved pearls are Charming Charlie , Forever 21 , and LuLu’s .

How do you wear your Boots and Pearls?

I’d like to know – IG @fashionablymimi Email

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