Accessory Gold, The Scarf


Universally the scarf has always been a cold weather accessory; or for my sistas (out there) to wrap our hair at night. Lol! In recent years, the scarf has become a perfect (budget friendly) accessory for any outfit. I like to call that, Accessory GOLD!

As you see in the image below I am wearing a sweater dress. I wanted to jazz it up a bit, without going overboard with pearls(I love pearls) or a host of statement necklaces or bangles. So, I decided what better way to update my look, than a scarf!

One of the ways I style my scarf, is what I call the #BoyScout. Ok, these are the steps I used to achieve the look you see in my photo.

  1. Fold scarf in half
  2. Place short ends of scarf around your neck
  3. Tie scarf in a knot
  4. Viola! You have achieved the #FashionablyMimi #BoyScout

Speaking about being fashionable on a budget, the sweater dress I’m wearing is NY Collection from Macy’s and I paid $20 for it! That’s right! I got it 50% off!

You can find scarves pretty much anywhere, but a few of my fav places to get inexpensive trendy scarves is Alloy, JCP and New York &Co.

What are some ways you style your scarf? Tag me on IG @fashionablymimi or email me to share.

Published by According To Mimi

Mimi McClure, also known as "Fashionably Mimi" is a vibrant, involved, media professional who is concerned about her community and wants to keep you informed. Want something featured? Email

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