Flannel and Fringe, My Fashion Passion

I have a confession to make………

One of my favorite trends (at least for now) is FLANNEL! Yes, you are reading that correctly! I absolutely love flannel shirts, dresses and nightgowns! If it comes in flannel, I will take 2 of them, please!

I’ve seen several ladies rocking the cutest flannel dresses recently and that is when I decided to hunt down a flannel dress for #FashionablyMiMi (myself).

I am always on the hunt for a good deal, so that means ROSS! Yes, ROSS. You have to hunt and search, but I promise you will find some great trendy and fashionable pieces; pieces just like this flannel shirt/dress I’m wearing. The best part….I only paid $14.99 for it! It was missing a belt, but that’s ok..I replaced with one I had at home. I put on my fringe boots..AND…        Viola! Magic!

What trendy pieces have you found at discount stores? Sound off and share your fashion gold!


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