Flannel and Fringe, My Fashion Passion

I have a confession to make………

One of my favorite trends (at least for now) is FLANNEL! Yes, you are reading that correctly! I absolutely love flannel shirts, dresses and nightgowns! If it comes in flannel, I will take 2 of them, please!

I’ve seen several ladies rocking the cutest flannel dresses recently and that is when I decided to hunt down a flannel dress for #FashionablyMiMi (myself).

I am always on the hunt for a good deal, so that means ROSS! Yes, ROSS. You have to hunt and search, but I promise you will find some great trendy and fashionable pieces; pieces just like this flannel shirt/dress I’m wearing. The best part….I only paid $14.99 for it! It was missing a belt, but that’s ok..I replaced with one I had at home. I put on my fringe boots..AND…        Viola! Magic!

What trendy pieces have you found at discount stores? Sound off and share your fashion gold!


Published by According To Mimi

Mimi McClure, also known as "Fashionably Mimi" is a vibrant, involved, media professional who is concerned about her community and wants to keep you informed. Want something featured? Email mishalmcclure@gmail.com

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