Hello Fashionistas! It is always a great day for me when I am able to find something that is cute for a deeply discounted price!

Picture this

It is the week after Christmas and all is right with the world. I am walking the mall, (mainly because I wanted to walk off my big sushi lunch) looking for those great you just can’t pass up bargains! I hit up every store, including SEARS, YES —- SEARS! I was pleasantly surprised to find some really cute pieces. Not only were they fashionable, but these pieces were on sale!

SIDEBAR – Sears has something called Shop Your Way Rewards and it rewards you for shopping

I took my #FashionablyMimi finds to the fitting room to make sure they looked as good on my body as they did on the hangar. WORD OF ADVICE — Always try on your fashion finds before your purchase them. Ok, there is this brand called BONGO in the Junior section of SEARS and they all had tags marked in the $58 range (this is not a price I would pay for these dresses) however they were marked for clearance at $14.99 with an additional percentage off, bringing the price to $9.99 . #WINNING


Remember the Sidebar from earlier? Well, I took my #FashionablyMimi find to the check out, the cashier rang me up AND she informed me that I had $6.oo in Shop Your Way Rewards to use towards this purchase! BIG SMILE! Ladies and Gentlemen I walked away from that cash register with one of the best deals for a cute piece that I plan to wear for a date night with the hubby!

Would you like to know how much I ended up paying?



Don’t believe me —-

Check it out for yourself.

FullSizeRender (1)
That’s Right! $4.32!



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Mimi McClure, also known as "Fashionably Mimi" is a vibrant, involved, media professional who is concerned about her community and wants to keep you informed. Want something featured? Email mishalmcclure@gmail.com

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