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I love and look forward to the month of March, my birth month, because (for me) it signifies new beginnings. But, truth is, we don’t have to wait for a birthday or a new year to challenge ourselves and create the opportunities we want out of life. Enjoying the sense of empowerment when one sets, executes and attains goals is something we should try to embrace each day.

What will you do to embrace a new beginning?

Allow me to help.

Journalism has been a passion of mine since 5th grade, which is the first time I was introduced to broadcast journalism. It was career day at Walnut Hill Elementary School, and a local news anchor named Jan Elkins attended and shared about her career. 

I was mesmerized! Her makeup, her clothes, her voice, and the way she captured the audience’s attention (we were all 5th graders- but enraptured nonetheless!). From that day forward, I knew exactly what I wanted to be. #MediaProfessional

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